Don’t make a life change without doing this first!

Many of us are looking to change our status make some sort of improvement to our life. The end goal may be to get a better job, improve our health, repair a relationship, clean up our debt, cut out stress...

Regardless of our particular situation, the one thing we’ve got to do before going after any goal—where we’re looking to make a successful and lasting change—is to get clear on our where, what, and why.

I call these the 3 Ws.

The 3 Ws: Your where, what, and why

Before gearing up for a major life change or planning an aspirational goal, ask yourself:

1. Where am I now?

What’s my current situation? What’s not working well? Where do I want to see a change?

2. What do I want?

What’s the dream outcome for this situation? What does achieving my goal look like and how does it make me feel?

3. Why do I want it?

Why do I want this change to happen? What’s the purpose, what do I get out of it? What’s the underlying value, need, or desire I’ll fulfill when I achieve my goal?

This is the most important step, so don’t skip it! Here's Why:

If you don’t get to the real reason behind your want, you might end up spending time, effort, and resources chasing the wrong thing! 

For example, many of us want to make a lot of money, but being rich isn’t the actual end goal. Money is a symbol for an underlying core need—it may be security, freedom, self-worth, or something else.

Get to the reason behind your goal by repeatedly asking, “Why do I want this?” until you’ve arrived at the final answer.

Want to see breaking a goal down to its “why” in action? In the video below, I introduce W #3—Why do you want it?— and show you how to get to the root desire that's within your goal.

If you’re clear on your 3 Ws before taking action on your goal, you’ll be more focused, intentional, and confident as you move forward. And most importantly, you’ll be setting yourself up for achieving what you truly want.

For a deeper dive into uncovering your wants and core needs, there’s a step-by-step process of how to do that in my book, Meant for More: Create Your Dream Life, Plan Your Path, and Start Living It Now. The book also answers the questions: How am I going to get what I want? What are the steps I need to take? You’ll not only have a clear vision of your dream outcome, you’ll have an action plan for how to get there!


Did asking "Why do I want it?" bring up any insights or surprises for you? Did uncovering your core need shift your perspective on your current goal? Share in the comments section!