Meant for More: Create Your Dream Life, Plan Your Path, and Start Living It Now

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(Ranking after release, December 2016) 

Available as paperback or ebook

Are you falling short of living your dreams? 

Don't have a clear vision of your purpose and path? 

Not sure what you really want out of life? 

Meant for More will help guide you to the answers you seek.

The path to your Dream Life isn’t far into the future. It’s right in front of you, waiting for discovery. Each day can be full of joy, purpose, and meaning. Meant for More will show you how.

Book Review

In this video, Rob of IMPACTfull Life reviews the self development book Meant for More: Create Your Dream Life, Plan Your Path, and Start Living It Now by Kristin Rath.

What readers are saying...

Kristin Rath takes a load of the best personal development advice out there and distills it into practical steps that anyone can understand and implement....As a life coach, I will certainly be recommending it to my clients.
— Steve Bivans, bestselling author of The End of Fear Itself: How to Crush Your Limitations, Manifest Success, Achieve Health, Happiness, and Save the World
If the reader will take the time to actually do the exercises as recommend, they will come away with a new and clearer vision of where their life is now and where they want to take it. I recommend this book to anyone looking to find your passion so you can live your purpose.
— Dale East, bestselling author of Intentional Thinking: Control Your Thoughts and Produce the Results You Desire
I came away from this book feeling like I knew myself a lot better, and I had an energy and an intention that I honestly hadn’t had before I started
reading it.
— Rob, founder of IMPACTfull Life
This book tackles many of life’s apparent and some not-so-apparent roadblocks that may continue to keep us from staying true to our dreams. Rath engages her readers, as a friend would, taking us on an introspective journey from the first page through to the last, inspiring us to crack our own, often self-imposed, “glass ceilings” and achieve our “meant for more” lives.
— Abby, reader

With this book you will...

Explore and identify key questions

  • What you want and why
  • Where those wants can take you (your Dream Life)
  • How to make your Dream Life a reality and start living it NOW

Create a Solid Strategy for Living Your Big Dream

  • 16 exercises that will uncover your core needs for a fulfilled life
  • Tips, strategies, and tools to create your detailed action plan and support you on your journey

Have access to free content

  • Online bonus materials: video welcome, audio introduction, guided meditations, printable worksheets
  • Valuable resource guide for reference and further exploration

About the author

Professional tennis player, international businesswoman fluent in Japanese, Human Resources Manager, film and television actress…these were professions Kristin Rath pursued in an attempt to find her path. She committed to all of them, realizing only after years of pursuit that none was right for her. Sensing she was meant for more, Kristin set off on a decade-long journey of trial and error in search of her highest self’s purpose. The framework of what she learned and discovered are in this book.

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