Kristin Rath 2018

I believe that every single one of us deserves to live the life we love. 

I’m here to help you make that happen.

I’m a bestselling author (Meant for More: Create Your Dream Life, Plan Your Path, and Start Living It Now) who writes articles on mind-body wellness, facilitates workshops, and provides one-on-one coaching to help people turn up the volume on happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

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My Journey

Please don’t ask me what my favorite anything is. I can’t choose just one. You’re going to get about three and if you ask me the same question years—or weeks or even days—from now, my answer might be different. That’s just how I roll. 

This trait has worked well for me in life in terms of my being open to new experiences and opportunities, and I’ve acquired a wide range of skills and interests in the process. This trait didn’t work so well for me when I was trying to figure out my place in the world and what to do with my life.

There were so many times I felt like a failure or that I was far behind because I didn’t see my path as clearly as I thought everyone else was seeing theirs. I knew I had potential but I had no clue what to do with it.

The questions I worried about and that kept me up at night were:

  • How do I figure out what I want out of life? [In my teens and 20s:] Am I too inexperienced? [In my 30s:] Am I too old? Is it too late?

  • Am I ridiculous for thinking I can have the life I dream of?

  • What’s the right path for me? How the heck do I find it?

  • How do I turn my dreams into a reality? Do I have what it takes?

  • I’ve made some pretty bad decisions. How can I trust myself again?

Any of those questions sound familiar?

I was sick and tiiiiiired of these questions. In my late 30s, I realized I wasn’t living the life I wanted and I wasn’t on the path to being the person I knew, deep down, I could be. I had to do something radical. Something I’d never taken the time to do or known where to start: Know myself. All of it. The good, bad, and fugly.

So I took tons of workshops, read books, self-reflected, and journaled my fingers off in an attempt to figure out who I was at my core, what I would invite into my life, what I wanted...and how that could all translate into the most amazing life.

I felt like I was on an archeological dig, unearthing a forgotten city. I was pulling up things from my past and trying to figure out where it came from, if was it useful, and if I wanted to keep it. I dug up some limiting stories and beliefs I never knew I was living by. Others I knew I had but until then, I hadn’t known how to break through them.

Self-discovery is not easy, quick, or painless. It never is. But it's absolutely worth it.

I learned that I have control over my life. Not what happens to me, but how I deal with it. I get to choose how I think, feel, and act. 

That’s a ton of accountability to take on. It’s also freakin’ empowering!


Obviously, the secrets to life were not magically revealed to me. I wasn’t given a pass on obstacles and challenges. I’m still not immune to bouts of self-doubt, worry, or stressful situations. But I experienced a deep, real transformation.

Seeing what a difference it made in my life compelled me to help others do the same. 

That’s why I’m here. To help you live a life you love by creating, aligning with, and taking action on your goals and dreams.

Start here.  Begin today.

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The Fun Stuff

I grew up in Florida, where my love for the outdoors was born. World-wide travel opened up my perspective and cultural appreciation. And making it work in New York City for 17+ years gave me my grit and sharp street smarts. So I have a sunny disposition and get along with almost anyone...but don’t mess with me.  

My idea of heaven? It’s a tie between lounging on soft, green grass covered by puppies and kittens OR eating, calorie-free: a grass-fed burger with Belgian fries (and five different aiolis) and Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. See, can’t choose just one thing!


The “Serious” Stuff

I’m one of those people who likes school and has spent a lot of time there. As a result, I have a couple Masters degrees in communications as well as a weirdly wonderful undergrad degree that has nothing to do with my current life (East Asian Studies and Japanese Language).

In 2016, I wrote Meant for More: Create Your Dream Life, Plan Your Path, and Start Living It Now, which became a bestseller on Amazon.

In my professional life before the book, I was a director of communications and operations at a nonprofit for women writers, as well as a freelance communications consultant, social media coach, proofreader, editor, and content writer.  

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