Living Your Purpose: An interview on what it's all about

It's not a hot topic you bring up over dinner with friends. And I wouldn't recommend it as a conversation starter with someone you just met. 

What am I talking about?


Living your Purpose

What it means, how to find it, and how to use it for a life you love

See what I mean? Not a light and fluffy topic!

When personal development coach, Conny Lee, asked to interview me about this for her show, I had to say yes...because I had a lot to say on the matter. Few people talk about Purpose—I mean, really talk about it—and SO many struggle with it.

Why was I eager to demystify Purpose? Because I've been there. For most of my life, I struggled to find my purpose, wondering if I was ever going to discover what I wanted out of life and what I was meant to do.

I understand the confusion, the frustration, and the heartache of not knowing your purpose or how to go about finding it. Your confidence suffers, you end up doubting your abilities, and you question if those dreams you have are even possible. 

Conny and I cover a lot of territory in our 23-minute interview. By the end of it, you'll have some tangible tidbits you can start putting into action toward living a more purposeful, fulfilled life. {Scroll down for the video.} 

Here’s a preview of interview highlights and at what point in the video they come up:


My journey

(37 seconds in)

  • Why I went on a journey of self-exploration

  • What I did to “figure myself out” and the transformation that resulted

  • The reason behind my book Meant for More


what "Purpose" and "Calling" Are all about

(at 5:39)

  • How to take the scariness away from those terms

  • How purpose is like a coloring book

  • The benefits of knowing your purpose


“I have no idea what I’m here to do!” How to go about finding your purpose

(at 7:26)

  • The pre-work and why it matters

  • How NOT to end up chasing the wrong thing

  • My purpose statement that, at first, made me think I was crazy!

  • Tips for creating your own Powerful Purpose Statement


the wisdom I wish I could share with my 10-year-old self

(at 16:27)


Advice for those struggling to figure out what they want

(at 17:36)


The "reset button" That turns down the noise of our thoughts and the world around us

(at 18:49)


the #1 secret to achieving your dreams that you must hear!

(at 20:12)


Details of my free gift to you

(At 23:04)

The Stress Less Guide: 4 Steps to Take Back Control of Your Life. Get the free gift here.


What's one thing from the interview that was useful to you? Let me know in the comments below!