New Year, New You? How to beat the New Year's slump

There is such a build-up to New Year’s! You’ve got your list of goals and things you want to see happen in the coming year. You’re excited by the idea of a clean slate and you are MOTIVATED. You think, This time, things will be different!

Unfortunately, when the ball drops at midnight on December 31st, it’s just another moment in time. Nothing changes. We don’t become different (better) people. New Year ≠ New You. We know this by now, but it can still be a letdown. do we deal with this reality? Should we tear up our resolutions and goals?

No way.

Your goals are worth it. The unique gifts you have to share are worth it. YOU’RE worth it.

If you’re experiencing a Post-New Year’s Slump, take a listen to the video above. I hope it will motivate you back into goal-getting gear.

Because you’ve got (amazing) work to do!