Reach your greatest potential by answering this one question

“What would you do if you COULD NOT fail?”

In January 2016, I was taking Sonia Ricotti’s Unsinkable course when she asked that question in a lesson called “Step Into Your Greatness.”

I didn’t want to answer it at first because it sounded like a trick question. Because of course there would be challenges and setbacks and really dark’s LIFE, right? And following your dreams does NOT make the roller coaster ride of life any smoother.

But...the wisdom in the way the question was phrased was that it released me from answering based on what was within my reach. The beauty of the question was that it addressed my heart and soul. The question gave me freedom and safety to speak truthfully. The question asked me to be limitless.

The question asked me to be limitless…

So I answered. The first few times, what came up was aspirational but still superficial. I answered with labels and milestones: I would be a best-selling author, I would be a world-renown speaker, I would be a billion-dollar brand...blah blah blah.

Then Sonia asked the question one final time: “What would you do if you could not fail?” She asked us not to think but to respond. I finally shut out the logical and egotistical voices and asked Kristin, at her core, what she would do. What would I do if nothing could possibly stop me? The answer was shocking:

I would heal the world.

At first I cried because my answer resonated so strongly. Then I laughed because it seemed so ridiculous. Then I panicked because to follow this path would require me to grow waaaaay past my comfort zone and fail in a major way. Total crazy pants situation.

How the heck was that going to happen? And what did “heal the world” even mean? Did I have to become a doctor or a missionary now? What am I supposed to do with this answer???

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Then that wise voice broke through again and encouraged me to just sit with my soul-shaking response.

It asked me to welcome in Ms. Heal the World as I would welcome a guest to my home—make her comfortable and reserve any judgments until I got to know her. See if I wanted to continue the friendship and welcome her into my life. I didn’t have to do anything right away or commit myself to a decision. Just be open.

So I gave myself permission to see my incredibly audacious Heal the World answer as a curious new friend, and allowed myself the freedom to imagine how this could play out.

Eventually, some answers bubbled up that addressed the “how” of my desire to Heal the World. Like:

  • continuing on my journey of self-discovery so that I could be my best self in order to help others one day

  • listening and being there for the people I care about because I could make a difference in someone’s life right now

  • getting good at catching negative self-talk and choosing supportive talk instead

  • uncovering the limiting beliefs I was hanging onto because they were “comfortable” but keeping me from the life I wanted

Each choice and each step I made toward the concept of healing the world made that idea more comfortable, and more importantly, possible in my mind.

That tiny shift in allowing my soul’s desire to be possible started the ball rolling. Instead of pushing away my “crazy” idea, I gave it the freedom to stay, play, and grow. It wasn’t a physical action, it was a mental one. And incredibly powerful.

Any change you want for yourself requires you to think about things differently than you have before. Change starts with you, from within, and begins with a mental choice.

I lovingly challenge you to CHOOSE to allow yourself TO BE LIMITLESS.

Don’t ask HOW right now. Ask WHAT.

What would YOU do if you could not fail?

Declare your answer in the comments and share your reaction to seeing it written out.

I’d love to support you!