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I've included video and audio content, as well as blank worksheets you can print and fill out for the exercises. I hope it enhances your journey through Meant for More!

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Audio Introduction 

This is an audio recording of the introduction to Meant for More.

Printable Worksheets

Worksheet: Exercise 1 and 2

This worksheet corresponds with Exercises 1 and 2 in Meant for More. Click to download.

Worksheet: Exercise 3

This worksheet corresponds with Exercise 3 in Meant for More. Click to download.

Worksheet: Exercise 14

This worksheet corresponds with Exercise 14 in Meant for More. Click to download.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation #1: Peace and Openness

A guided meditation to start your day with energized peace and an open heart-center. If using both meditations in succession, I suggest listening to this one first. (Time: 7:23)

Guided Meditation #2: Intention and Awareness

A guided meditation to start your day with joyful intention and grounded awareness. If using both meditations in succession, I suggest listening to Guided Meditation #1 first. (Time: 6:15)

More training and resources

The following is from the Resources section of  Meant for More

This is a diverse group of people who share and teach information that spans topics from the metaphysical to the scientific. They were part of my journey to this moment. I have also included resources that have provided insight and inspiration to me. It might not all be for you, but there’s certainly something in here that you may connect with and find value in.

Melissa Rosati – Creativity coach, branding specialist, and owner of Melissa’s Coaching Studio, LLC. I’m grateful I listened to my inner guidance and decided to work with Melissa as a coach in 2009. My connection to her marked the beginning of my Big Dream Life path, so it’s an honor to be able to call her a mentor and friend.  http://www.melissarosati.com/

Jai Maa – Faith minister, seminar leader, motivational speaker, all-around goddess, and a personal friend. In her book, Break Through Your Threshold: A Manual for Faith-Based Manifestation and Co-Creating With God, she explains what a threshold is, the different kinds that can hold you back, and how to break through them to live your divine life. www.breakthroughyourthreshold.com

Riley Dayne – Following a near-death experience, this young man traveled the world in search for the answers to life’s big questions. The result of his journey was The Abundance Factor movie, which includes interviews with thought leaders in the realm of personal transformation. This incredibly valuable production encouraged my studies from some of the mentors I list here. http://www.theabundancefactormovie.com/

Suzanna Kennedy – Author, speaker, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Soul Purpose business coach. Suzanna teaches about energy, connection to Source, and how to reprogram your body and mind to express your true Divine Self. http://suzannakennedy.com/

Bruce Lipton – Stem cell biologist, author of The Biology of Belief, international speaker. His work demonstrates the power of our mind and the incredible choice we have in shaping our experiences. https://www.brucelipton.com/

Dana Wilde – Brain trainer, speaker, host, author of Train Your Brain, CEO of The Mind Aware. Dana shows you how to harness the power of your mind to think positive thoughts that move you toward success. Her concentration is on business and leadership, but the principles can apply to everyone. http://mindaware.danawilde.com/

Joe Vitale – Known as Mr. Fire, Joe is an energetic motivational speaker, marketer, and prolific author, including Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More. He shows you how to see problems as opportunities for solutions, and how to turn those ideas into products or services for business. http://www.mrfire.com/

Sonia Ricotti – CEO/President of Lead Out Loud Inc. and the bestselling author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down. Dives deep into how our thoughts contribute to our unhappiness and how to rebuild your thoughts and stories into those that manifest a life even better than you can imagine. http://www.leadoutloud.ca/

Mindvalley Academy – A great resource for extraordinary living. They offer training in mind, body, spirit, and relationships. http://www.mindvalley.com/

Christie Marie Sheldon – Christie is a healer and intuitive who specializes in removing abundance blocks. From her, I learned the power of visualization, how to ask for what I want, to trust my intuition, and develop more connection to my psychic abilities (we all have them). Her bubbly personality creates a light, fun atmosphere in which to learn and explore. I came to her through Mindvalley Academy, but here is her personal website: http://christiesheldon.com/

Harv Eker – Dynamic motivational speaker, businessman, and author of the best-selling books, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and SpeedWealth. Harv’s focus is combining spirituality with wealth. His loud, no-nonsense, and sometimes shocking style isn’t for everyone, but I learned some valuable financial perspective and business tips from him. http://www.harveker.com/

Oprah’s SuperSoul TV – We all know who Oprah is, but perhaps not about the treasure trove of inspirational videos, films, and interviews she provides on her website. The SuperSoul Sessions are powerful TED-style talks by transformative influencers such as Iyanla Vanzant, Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Shawn Achor, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. http://www.supersoul.tv/

Buddhism – I’m not Buddhist, but I have found value in aspects of this religion that are applicable to leading an enlightened, heightened life such as the practice of letting go, compassion, non-judgment, and mindfulness.