Plays with her words and food (strategically).


Content Strategist & Communications Specialist

I've written content for clients on the topics of health, food, fitness, tech, entrepreneurship, and the arts. My professional experience includes communications strategy, membership engagement, and social media marketing.


I've played the roles of freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and consultant since 2010. In 2016, I published my first book (self-help and personal growth genres) and am currently developing an app for managing everyday stress. 

Mind-Body Wellness Enthusiast & Real Food Foodie

My passion for real food and holistic wellness came about while trying to heal myself from health struggles over a decade ago. My blog Words Are Food is dedicated to nutrition for mind and body. I've written professionally for clients on fitness, nutrition, mental wellness, and personal growth.

Some Thought Leaders & Change Makers I've Worked With... 


I had the fortune to cross paths with Kristin through a co-worker who follows her blog. I am lucky that I did. I have gone to Kristin again and again when I have assignments that need to completed creatively, correctly, and on time. She has an attention to detail that sets her apart from some of my other freelance writers and she is always pleasant and professional.
— Eugénie Olson, Content Director of MeYou Health
When comes to food, Kristin is a passionate writer with a distinct perspective on food, emotion, and wholeness. She is an evangelist for health and wellness, and brings her personal best to every story.
— Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC, Career Strategist for Writers & Academics
Because of Kristin’s work and creative marketing ideas, my platforms gained a steady increase in followers and brand awareness.
— Elizabeth Ann Manhart Barrett, PhD, RN, LMHC, FAAN